Golf Day 2010


Computer Room and Electronic White Board
Through a kind donation from the Khanya project, GlenBridge is able to offer computer lessons and computer aided curriculum support to its learners. In a first for the school, a computer lab was erected in September 2010 with 10 workstations for learners and a teacher’s computer in a dedicated computer laboratory. Another classroom was equipped with an Interactive white board to further facilitate the curriculum offered at GlenBridge. Learners understanding and learning is supported and advanced by the use of CAMI educational software as well as Khanya’s own LTSM software.

Sport at GlenBridge
Because of our learners’ impairment, the only place where they can compete and excel at as individuals or as part of a team is sport. Aside from providing our learners with the much needed exercise and a balanced lifestyle, it also teaches them teamwork and working towards a common goal. For this reason, sport is an integral part of our curriculum and as such, happens during school hours. Sport at GlenBridge consists of both summer and winter sports for girls and boys. In summer the girls and boys does swimming as well as cricket for boys only and in winter the girls does netball and the boys, soccer.

Glenbridge Special School and Resource Centre has, for several years now, offered a group of 14 children the opportunity to attend a weekly aerobics / gym class at the Constantia Virgin Active Gym.
Initially, the parent had to pay a fee of R100 per term for their child’s participation. For the last two years, however, the gym’s management decided to waive their fee and to view our children’s participation as a community outreach service. We are truly grateful for their generosity of spirit and service to their community.
The lucky participants are selected for the limited places according to their ability to behave appropriately in a public place and to respect the (expensive) property of others, to always display good manners to the staff and other gym users, to participate with enthusiasm and always follow instructions without hesitation.
Our class has a dedicated, specialist instructor (not a volunteer but a professional paid by the gym club) who works wonderfully with our children, knowing what music appeals to their age group to get their “mojos in the groove”. We use a state of the art luxury studio complete with air-conditioning, a surround sound system and floor to ceiling mirrors.
Our children benefit enormously from this exercise in many ways: all their different muscle groups are worked, excess weight is burned off, negative emotional energy is channelled into positive activity, and self confidence is improved by immediate feedback, praise and encouragement. Improved body image and a positive sense of self worth are also natural benefits from regular, healthy exercise. Those chosen to participate are lucky indeed and have to really earn their place and work hard to keep it.

Glenbridge outings
Our children adore going on outings! These outing have both an educational as well as a socialisation aspect to it. Some favourite destinations are St. James beach, Wynberg Park, The Aquarium, Rondevlei Nature Reserve and picking strawberries at Mooiberge Strawberry Farm.
On outing days, special treats are brought along, appropriate clothing donned and we head off in our school minibus filled with anticipation and excitement! These outings allow our children to develop necessary social skills, appropriate for the particular environment.
Our children always respond so well and enjoy the leisure and educational aspects of these outings.