Golf Day 2010

Welcome to our school


Glenbridge Special School caters for learners from 6 to 18 years old, with intellectual impairment as a primary impairment. These impairments include Downs Syndrome, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, etc, as well as intellectual impairment as a result of aquired conditions.


Glenbridge Special School offers a curriculum designed around the learners' needs. Our focus is on life skills coupled with literacu and numeracy, referenced to the National Curriculum Statement.

The pace of curriculum delivery is determined by individual learners. Assessment is done continuously (CASS) and reports are handed out twice yearly.

In the foundation phase of the school, learners concentrate on routines, activities for saily living and some functional curriculum activities. In the intermediate phase of the school, learners concentrate on functional curriculum activiyies and some work skills. In the senior phase of the school, learners concentrate more on work skills with some curriculum activities.